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Lynda Flower-Williams is a registered practitioner of the Feng Shui Society, which is the leading independent feng shui registration organisation for professional feng shui consultants in the UK and Europe. Originally studying and qualifying with the late Jon Sandifer, Lynda subsequently passed the stringent, and highly respected examinations of the Chue Foundation.

Chue style feng shui, as introduced to the west by Grand Master Chan, uses a wealth of tried and tested processes and techniques, many of which can be traced back to the Imperial palaces of ancient China.

A strong grounding in the classical arts of feng shui is an essential antidote to the 'pink chiffon and a rock' approach to this fascinating and complex subject, and a classically trained practitioner will use authentic tools and techniques in the production of a survey of your home, workspace, office or garden to help you achieve harmony and prosperity .

Lynda is an author and artist/designer with a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art. Her production of artworks relating to home and family have proved to be popular with her clients, many of whom have chosen to order artworks as an addition to their survey.

A selection of these may be seen on the Client Artworks page