FENG SHUI, You, and your home



Considerations of the form of a building are of paramount importance in feng shui. 'Form' relates to the shape of the property and the structure and appearance of its surroundings. To have a good form the property should, ideally, be regular in shape, with well kept surroundings, unobstructed views (no matter how small) and supporting structures at the back and sides. A house with good form will enable and enhance the flow of chi, and therefore benefit its occupants.

No home is too small to be considered: You may live in a flat, house, or bungalow, yet you will be subject to the same elemental forces of nature that affect a mansion or any other property. Water may get out of control resulting in flooding, you may live in a frost pocket or experience high winds due to an exposed site, or your light may be blighted by high trees. You may live in a property in the same road as many other people, all apparently experiencing the same air and light, yet somehow your house may feel more or less comfortable than theirs.

This is due to the quality of 'chi'; the living breath; the intangible element which travels around and inside us, entering and circulating around our homes and environment. Chi is the vital energy flow or life force, and it can be blocked by obstructions, and even move too fast in particular circumstances. We are always looking for ways to enhance chi within ourselves, by looking after our health, and without, by the use of feng shui.

Wind and water, 'feng' and 'shui', work in tandem to bring chi to your home. Whether it is beneficial chi, or 'sha chi' depends upon what the chi encounters on its way to you. The waterfalls, rivers and lakes of the rural landscape are replicated in roads, railways and roundabouts and other entries and exits of urban traffic in our towns and cities. It is the journey of chi towards your home along these courses that influences the well being of your home.