Your survey: the process


Perhaps you are intending to buy a new home, or feeling concerns about your current one. Maybe your life is not going as smoothly as you would like. You may be considering a fresh viewpoint, and having heard about feng shui, decided to investigate what it could do for you. You may have read popular books on feng shui and now be alarmed by the position of your toilet, or have placed wind chimes and three legged toads in an attempt to enhance your good fortune. Classical feng shui has little to do with three legged toads, although the 'yang' movement of a wind chime does have its place!

Feng shui is an art, a science and a craft. It is best described as ancient system of geomancy that reveals how to balance prevailing energies to encourage health and prosperity. The fundamental forces of wind (feng) and water (shui) affect our lives, and together with 'chi', (the living breath of air), are at the heart of feng shui.

Classical feng shui offers insight into your home and its fortunes by treating it as an individual space; the same house next door to yours will be receiving a different grade of chi depending on its position in the road. No two houses, even if they are close neighbours will have the same chart. Your house specifically relates to you and your family. You may have even chosen it subconsciously to fulfil a self-prophecy, or because it suits something that you need deep inside yourself.

An accredited feng shui practitioner will have made an in-depth study of classical feng shui, having been privileged to share information which has been jealously guarded by masters of the art for many centuries. It is this study that would inform your survey.

During a site visit to you, your home and family, readings are taking using the luo pan compass, a tool of great complexity. It indicates which family member can be supported by which area of the house, and which rooms are less or more beneficial. In this way, problematical situations and locations can be remedied, should they exist.

All these techniques and processes contribute to a survey of your home. All information gathered remains completely confidential.